Special visit from Hamlet Mbabazi 

Over 16-17th Septmeber, Rev. Hamlet, the founder of the schools, university and related projects in Kirima, will be visiting St Michael's.

On Saturday we have a special Kirima morning; on Sunday we have a joint 10.30am service with a bring and share lunch to follow.

Please do join us to celebrate and find out more about the growing community in Kirima, Uganda.

Saturday 16 September
9.30am Open for coffee, to meet Hamlet, and to see artwork made by Ugandan children.
10.00am Talk by Hamlet Mbabzi, founder of the Kirima Primary School and Great Lakes High School
10.45am Talk by Karen Sennett, trustee and High School sponsor link
11.10am Dr Clare Graffy, Cambridge GP and founder of USHAPE
11.30am Feedback from Highgate School students after their July visit to Kirima schools
11.45am Questions until 12.30am

Sunday 17 September
10.30am United service of Holy Communion at which Hamlet will be preaching.
12.00pm Bring and share lunch in the church hall