Fun, Food and lots of Bouncing! 

How many pancakes did you eat?
What face-painting did you choose?
How high did you jump on the bouncy castle?

Our annual pancake party was an afternoon of great fun and lots of things going on. We were excited to serve 500 pancakes, with dozens of different toppings. Pancakes piled with chocolate sauce and dripping with lemon - there was a huge variety, but the sugar was the most popular!

After munching and crunching, it was on to the face-paints: every design unique, but the tiger was definitely the most popular! It didn't take long for the party to have a certain safari-feel!

Onto the bouncy castles! Ever popular, is there anything more fun than a BOUNCY CASTLE?! With a second castle for children under five years old, there was plenty of space for everybody.

Time for a quick trip to Temptation Corner - can you hold that marshmallow for the full five minutes? - and maybe a chance for parents to catch a cup of tea.

Not yet time to leave - it was time to plan Lent by making calendars, counting down to Easter. We also thought about Jesus in the desert, and the lack of water amid all the sand. Rounding it all off were some Smarties, which we ate while praying for people around the world.

An amazing afternoon of excitement and fun at St Michael's!

The afternoon was organised by nearly 25 people working throughout the building. A fantastic team, that made a brilliant afternoon - thank-you to all who helped.

And look forward to seeing you on Tuesday 20 February 2018!