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Thanks to your kindness and generosity, we have so far raised over £70,000 towards the hall refurbishment. This is a great start but we still need to reach the £100,000 to enable us to replace the roof and the central heating system, at the moment it's either / or. Moreover, the donations have largely come from a handful of generous donors - we need everyone to get involved in supporting our church. So if you haven't already done so, please click Give online now! and make a donation.


Keeping St Michael’s Church running as a vital centre of spiritual and community life in Highgate depends entirely on voluntary donations. And while we receive enough income to keep the church open on a regular basis, we simply don’t have enough funding for the essential repairs to its fabric and infrastructure that are sometimes necessary.

Why are we having a Gift Day?

Because we need to raise £100,000 to do important and necessary work on the church hall and related areas.

What sort of work?

Reroofing, central heating replacement, WC and kitchen refurbishment, upper and lower hall refurbishment.

Is there an urgent need to do this work?


Why has it not been done before?

Ideally, some of this work should have  been done before.  But we are always short of money.  St Michael’s has no support from public funds.  We depend wholly on the giving of church members.  Currently, this is just sufficient to meet day to day expenses, but it is difficult to save up money for works such as these.

Why should I give extra money when I give every week?

Because the church needs it and is asking for your help.  In many walks of life, we carry on routinely but sometimes have to make a special effort.  St Michael’s is asking for a special effort of generous giving.  And you might want to make a special effort because, in this case, you know how the money is to be spent.

But why do we regard the church hall extension as so important?

Many of our church activities are held in the extension. It is an important back-up to our services in the church. We need to grow the social dimension at St Michael’s. This will be easier if the facilities are smart and welcoming. Many outside groups use the halls. This is where St Michael’s meets the wider world. The premises are currently barely fit for this purpose. The interior of the church is looking really good. It is something we all enjoy, and of which we can be proud.  We need to feel the same about the extension. 

How can we hope to raise £100,000?

This is a call for every church member to dig deep, for this special purpose.  And we must pray – for the success of the gift day, and for guidance that we may each make a fitting contribution.  It can be done.  The last gift day raised £100,000.

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