The Need to Give 

Lauren Patman and Alan West

We are launching a campaign to raise £100,000 to restire our church hall. this will come to a head on June 24th when a Gift Day will be held at the church.

Why Give?

The first, and deepest, answer to this is that giving to the work of God is a part of the Christian life. We are called to give, and to give generously. We are called to commit ourselves financially as well as spiritually. There are many Biblical references to this effect. The teaching of the church has always been so.

The second, and rather compelling answer, is that our church, St Michael’s, depends on our giving for every part of its life and work. There is no state support for Church of England churches, even though ours is the established religion of the state. If we give nothing, St Michael’s will die, close down. If we want to see the building maintained, the standard of worship and music upheld, and our mission to the wider community extended – we must provide the wherewithal.

Of course the social committee and the stewardship committee will be working together to raise awareness and get people to contribute – but we are hoping that lots of you will want to join in and help. Please do not be backward in coming forward. And going beyond the committee’s ideas, could you get together with some friends to create an event at your home, in your garden, or anywhere else, to which fellow St Michaeleans could be invited? All offers and ideas welcome. 

Thank you for your continued support.
Lauren Patman and Alan West, 21/05/2015