Roger Sainsbury
Stewardship Recorder

All things come from you, and of your own have we given you.

(1 Chronicles 29:14)

The Church is often caricatured as always asking for our money, yet Christian stewardship is not just about financial giving. It is our time and our talents that are asked for as well, as these are part of the ‘all things’ given to us by God. We respond primarily out of gratitude to him.

In a large church, there are always many ways in which to offer help practically.There are often appeals for help in the weekly notice sheet and members of staff always have suggestions! The more the merrier!

Financial giving is essential to the continuation of our church. We operate the Stewardship scheme for tax-effective and committed giving to the church. Gift Aid allows the church to recover the tax from the Inland Revenue and to plan ahead with a secure knowledge of projected in­come. Gift Aid means we can increase the value of your donation: see here for more details

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For more information about Gift Aid or how to give by regular standing order, please contact Roger Sainsbury on 020 8883 4927, or email.