Children's & Families Events

30 August 2014
Jonathan Brooks

02 SUNDAY SCHOOLWriting as the rain pours down Highgate Hill, it does rather feel as if the summer has come to a somewhat abrupt end. Yet, as many return to these damp shores, our exciting autumn programme is just getting underway. So if the tan is fading and photos the only reminder of warmer climes, turn with me to this autumn at St Michael’s, and let me whisk you through a preview of the family events and activities we have planned.

In our Light Groups we will be spending September hearing some of Jesus’ most famous stories. Like gems glinting in Luke’s gospel, the good Samaritan and the prodigal son will come dancing off the pages towards us; the touching care of the good shepherd and the extravagant generosity of the Great Feast will give us a precious portent of our God.

Coming towards the end of September, we celebrate our church at the Patronal Festival. As we welcome and baptize new members into the family of God, we will also take time to reflect on our ministry to families and children. Giving thanks for their service and dedication, we will be commissioning the many adults who lead our children’s work, and enjoying a bring-and-share lunch after this 10.30am service.

Confirmation in October

October begins with a service of confirmation at All Saints, when adults and young people will affirm their intention to follow Jesus and to serve him in their lives. An occasion to which we can all look forward with excitement, it is also a time to keep the candidates in our prayers.

On Sunday mornings our Light Groups will be continuing through the gospels, turning to look at four healing miracles in Mark. The wonderful resurrections of Peter’s mother and Jairus’ daughter bookend our month, and envelop sessions on the restoration of the withered hand in the synagogue and of the man with leprosy.

As a final highlight, the Hot Chocolate Club are looking forward to a trip to Thorpe Park – I will be sure to remove my glasses before boarding the rides!

Returning, refreshed and recovered from summertime R&R, I hope that we can turn towards the autumn with excitement and anticipation!

Jonathan Brooks is Children & Youth Worker at St Michael's