HTFG Past Talks

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HTFG - Hebrews (1) (69.2KB) 21/11/2016, Hebrews: Travelling Instructions for the Fainthearted (1) No Turning Back: The Perils of Nostalgia
Romans Chapters 12-16 (68.4KB) 22/08/2016, Paul's Letter to the Romans: 4. How to Live a Good Life (Chapters 12-16).
Romans Chapters 9-11 (65.0KB) 10/07/2016, Paul's Letter to the Romans: 3. Where does Israel fit in? (Chapters 9-11).
Romans Chapters 5-8 (65.7KB) 31/05/2016, Paul's Letter to the Romans : 2. The Christian Response (Chapters 5-8)
Romans Chapters 1-4 (68.2KB) 25/05/2016, Paul's Letter to the Romans: 1. What's wrong with the world and who's responsible? (Chapters 1-4).