Children and families start in church, before going to Light Groups in different rooms. Everyone is welcome to stay with the congregation or to join us in our groups.
Glowworms CMYK - no text


For children under two years, with parents and carers. There are songs and a time for playing with toys in a safe, room downstairs.


For children in nursery or reception, and meets in the Upper Hall. Often with parents, we have songs, stories and hands-on activities every week.
Comets CMYK - no text - transp


For anyone in school years 1-3. At the 9.45 services, Comets meet in the Upper Hall and have special activities alongside the Fireflies. At the 11.15 service, Comets explore the Bible in a separate room.
Lasers CMYK - no text


For children in school years 4-6. Meeting downstairs, Lasers always starts with a game, before looking at the Bible and what we can learn from it.
Firestarters CMYK - no text


For anyone from year 7 upwards. We talk about what it means to be a Christian, and always have toasted sandwiches or a snack down in the Bunker! This group is at the 11.15 service only.

Our Light Groups all include a mixture of learning, stories and worship, appropriate to each age. Experienced and skilled leaders manage sessions that are fun and engaging every week.

If you are new to us or unsure about where is best for your family, please do email Jonathan Brooks - or come to see us any Sunday morning!

You can see our programme for the coming weeks, and look at the stories we will be thinking about.